We could tell you at length why we feel 云鼎app offers an excellent education but we thought you would rather hear it from the boys. So we asked three pupils from the 较低的学校, 中学 and the 六年级 to take visitors on a virtual tour of the school and to give their insight into all that goes on here.

“The pupils are proud of their school and there is a true sense of belonging.”



Although academically selective we look for potential as much as attainment on entry and our teaching is very much tailored to the individual with setting and support to ensure everyone feels confident to progress at their own pace. Boys join us from a wide range of state primary schools and prep schools, 包括我们自己的预备学校.

We encourage parents to look at the academic curriculum, not just league table positions. How flexible are A level and GCSE choices? At 云鼎app we offer between 23-25 subjects in the 六年级 with A levels for most subjects and the Pre-U for Modern Foreign Languages. Some of our sixth form lessons are taught jointly with the neighbouring girls’ school, 圣海伦和圣凯瑟琳. At GCSE we offer 13 subjects with most boys taking ten. We pride ourselves on being flexible, offering subjects – all of which have passed our robust academic standard – and subject combinations that suit our boys, 这不是我们的时间表偏好.

主题 课程


在云鼎app 另外一半 extra-curricular activities programme is exceptional even amongst independent schools. We have over 150 另外一半 activities ranging from our own award-winning Film Unit, 过多的体育运动, music and drama activities to bell ringing, 槌球和辩论. 另外一半 programme offers opportunities for pupils and staff to work together, nurturing confidence and reaping tremendous benefits back in the classroom.




We are very clear in the aim of our pastoral care. We want boys to feel known and valued as individuals, rather than feeling that they have to conform to a type, and we want our students to look out for each other. 我们的导师小组很小, all staff are involved in pastoral care, and each boy is part of a house where they can go to relax. 除了, 我们有系主任, 健康主管, 还有一个专门的顾问团队, so that we can celebrate our students’ good days, but also provide a safety net if and when life gets hard.



Our academic credentials are excellent with the vast majority of pupils leaving to their first choice of 大学, predominantly Russell Group, and an impressive percentage each year to Oxbridge and to top U.S. 与国际大学. Sixth formers receive careers guidance and support from specialist staff with extensive experience of the further education entry process.

“学生们口齿伶俐, mature and self-aware individuals who are ambitious and hard working, and who possess an intellectual curiosity, setting them in good stead for life beyond school.”



云鼎app喜欢一群走读生, weekly and full boarders (boarding from age 13) and offers the many advantages of a full boarding school to all. 登机 is a big part of 云鼎app’s character, attracting boys who live locally and international boarders all drawn by the impressive activity programme, the School’s facilities and the excellent pastoral care based on our ‘house system’. 房屋系统, 供走读生和寄宿生使用, is centred around tutor groups with the tutor being the focus for liaison between School and home.

“There is a caring atmosphere throughout the school.”



In September 2020 we opened a new 3-story building which is connected to the Science Centre and is ‘home’ to two new houserooms and the Computer Science and Business and Economics Departments. In 2018 we opened a stunning 六年级 Centre, library and Art department which closely followed the opening of the impressive 21-lab Science Centre. Our sports facilities have been extended to include a 3G all-weather rugby pitch and a multi-use sports area.

Independent accolades include praise from The Week magazine for extra-curricular provision and from the Good Schools Guide and the 爱说三道四的人学校指南 as well as an excellent ISI检验报告 – it’s an exciting time in 云鼎app’s history. Please do come and see for yourself – we look forward to welcoming you.

“ “Most parents’ top choice” of the “excellent schools” in 牛津郡.”



We thought we would leave the last word to our Heads of School, who take a look back at their time at 云鼎app.