云鼎app is a leading independent day and boarding school for boys aged 11-18. 从13岁开始提供每周的全额寄宿服务. 云鼎app 准备 School is a day school for boys aged 4 to 13. 的 two schools together make up the 云鼎app Foundation.


  1. 1256

    的 earliest references to the School come in a legal document of 1100, 以及阿炳顿修道院院长的意愿, John de Blosneville, who in 1256 left money for the support of 13 poor scholars
  2. 1375

    Another legal document records the School as being in two adjacent premises in Stert Street
  3. 1553

  4. 1563

    John Roysse assisted in a re-endowment of the School, 搬到了修道院大门以南的地方
  5. 1743

  6. 1870

    学校搬到了现在的艾伯特公园. 的 new buildings comprised a schoolroom - now the teachers' common room - and School House for 40 boarders and 80 dayboys
  7. 1976

    云鼎app became an independent school after the Direct Grant scheme was abolished
  8. 1998

    的 School merged with Josca's 准备 School to form the 云鼎app Foundation
  9. 2003

  10. 2007

    Josca’s changed its name to 云鼎app 准备aratory School
  11. 2008

  12. 2010

    Felicity Lusk became Head of 云鼎app, making her the first woman to lead the School
  13. 2014

    的 School took over the management of extensive additional sports facilities at Tilsley Park
  14. 2015

  15. 2016

  16. 2018

  17. 2020


At 云鼎app we aim to teach and develop the resources, skills and resilience that students need to feel confident in embracing their future. We encourage students to seize opportunities and to appreciate their responsibilities to each other and to society as a whole. 的 School promotes a culture of mutual respect and equality and we celebrate diversity.

云鼎app的学术水平是最高的, 音乐, sport and the arts in a caring and supportive environment where students are motivated to succeed. 的 health and wellbeing of our boys is paramount and the School has a comprehensive pastoral care system centred around a boy’s tutor and housemaster.

的 School is situated in 35 acres of beautiful grounds in the centre of 云鼎app, 就在牛津南面. 的re are around 1000 boys at 云鼎app and a further 250 boys at the 准备 School, 总部就在几英里外的弗莱福德.

In 2021:







We are one of only a few schools to have physical houserooms for both dayboys and boarders, so there is lots of space for boys to be able to relax and unwind. 同样, we are proud of the fact that although we are a big school, 牧领关怀分解成小单元, with tutor groups of between 10 and 12 pupils per member of staff, 这样每个男孩都能被了解和关心.

的 School combines over 750 years of history and tradition with a modern outlook. 以及鼓励学术成就, 在普通中等教育证书考试中成绩优异, A级,牛桥和大学入学, the School provides extensive extra-curricular opportunities which broaden horizons, promote a global outlook and build the skills needed for the workplace. We encourage pupils to try something new, to develop existing 人才s and to ‘give something back’.


countries visited in a typical two years by students



Our aim is to ensure each boy thrives at 云鼎app and, 通过挑战和机遇, 最大限度地发挥自己的潜力. Our pupils come from a wide range of social and geographic backgrounds, 创造一个活泼和宽容的文化组合. 我们欢迎各种信仰的男孩.








boys represent the school in nine sports on a typical Lent weekend

的 majority of our pupils are dayboys although boarding plays an important part in the character of the School. Close ties with the nearby girls’ school of St Helen and St Katharine adds a co-educational feel, 尤其是我们的六年级, where some subjects are taught jointly and there is much collaboration with drama productions, 音乐活动和, 当然, 社会.




云鼎app is divided into the 较低的学校 (aged 11-13), 中学 (aged 13-16) and Upper School or 六年级 (aged 16-18). Pupils spend two years in 较低的学校, three years in 中学 and two years in the 六年级.

Entry to the 较低的学校 is mainly from maintained primary schools and independent schools which finish at the age of eleven, while the 中学 intake is predominantly from preparatory schools. In the 六年级 there is a further intake of boys from the maintained and independent sectors.





学校的一天 8点开始.上午35点,3点下课.下午40点,校车5点出发.20pm. Homework is set each day and the amount gradually increases as pupils move up the school. 星期三下午,午餐时间和3点.40点到5.每天晚上20点另外一半‘ activities – our extensive extra-curricular programme.

Every boy has his own individual timetable of work and activities which are supervised by his tutor.

If you would like to see video introductions to various aspects of school life such as boarding, the 另外一半 and our 六年级 or take an online tour of the school through the eyes of some of our students then please follow this link  to our online open morning page where you can find lots of additional information.